Solutions for the Ethanol Industry

DDGS Pellet: 40.6 lbs / cu.ft.

Maximizing Rail Car and Truck Load Limits

Achieving Flowability: Less Loading Time

3% Reduction in Natural Gas Costs

Only need 15% Moisture to Pelletize


After several months of research and testing, Ag Fuel & Feed developed the "100% DDGS Pellet" to serve both the fuel and feed markets.


A test-burn was conducted at a power plant in Iowa. The test burn consisted of mixing 10% of the DDGS Pellets with 90% coal at the power plant. The DDGS Pellet contains an 8,400 BTU similar to sub-bituminous coal. The power plant test was burning bituminous coal at a higher BTU level. This fuel blend diluted the power output somewhat; however, the test appeared to reduce emissions at the stack. With the fuel mixture, there was a reduction in the percent opacity, which is the measurement of visual emissions coming out of the stack. It appears the 100% DDGS Pellet caused the precipitator to perform better.

"Carbon Footprint"

DDGS pellets contribute substantially fewer CO2 emissions than coal. Because DDGS can be considered a carbon neutral fuel source, every 1 unit of DDGS combusted as a fuel source to generate electricity has a carbon footprint of 0.0367 units of CO2. On the other hand, every 1 unit of coal has direct carbon emissions of 1.4 to 2.84 units of CO2 (without even factoring the additional CO2 inputs from mining and transportation of the coal, which would add to coal's carbon footprint). The 100% DDGS Pellets would contribute approximately 38 to 77 times LESS CO2 on a per unit basis than coal.

No Binders or Additives

Feedlot Tests Show Less Waste

Same High Protein Value

Green Power Proven

Lab Tests Confirm 8,400 BTU

Power Plant Tests Confirm:
Burns Cleaner / Less Smoke

Ag Fuel & Feed - Solutions for the Ethanol Industry
100% DDGS Pellets...A Reality

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Operational Solutions for Ethanol Plants

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Ag Fuel & Feed based in Carmel, Indiana, and Landers Machine, located in Ft. Worth, Texas, have produced a new pellet product derived from 100% dried distiller grains (DDGS) that can be used either as a fuel for energy or as a feed for livestock. The innovation of this new product comes in the form of a "100% DDGS Pellet" with no additives or compounds.

Cattle feeding tests have been conducted with on-going analysis of distillers" grains feeding and delivery to cattle. Until now, a 100% DDGS pellet was considered to be impossible to pelletize for livestock feed due to the amount of oil and fat found in the standard DDGS material. This new product is very unique and should have a distinct advantage for the feed industry and livestock producers.

Operational Solutions for Ethanol Plants

Gary C. Wobler, Owner
3016 Daum Court
Carmel, IN 46033


Scott Landers, Owner
Landers Machine
P.O.Box 163111,
Ft. Worth, TX 76161-3111

8,400 bTu
Company History
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Perfecting the DDGS Pellet Pelletizing distillers dried grains with solubles can be more art than science. Past attempts at pelletizing 100 percent DDGS have fallen short. Rising to the challenge, Ag Fuel & Feed LLC says it has manufactured a pellet die that will extrude a 100 percent DDGS pellet without additives or binders...

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